Our Products

Bike Touring Accessories

As a healthy, environmentally-friendly, convenient form of transport, Ibera believe cycling should be a regular part of most people’s lives. That’s why they focus on creating innovative equipment for recreational, commuting, and touring cyclists.

Ibera products are award winners with numerous patents in biking world. Their product range include Adjustable Bottle Cages, Multi-Mount Bag, Saddle Bags, Phone Cam Case, PakRak Clip-on Luggage System, PakRak Panniers and many more. Ibera products are available in more than 30 countries and now all set to revolutionise in India.

Smart Bike Lights


For more than two decades, Smart has been making some of the world’s best and brightest bicycle lights. Since 1993, Smart has earned a global reputation for intelligently designed and optically advanced bicycle lights that illuminate the way for safer cycling. Smart is an innovation leader in the bicycle industry and have done much to advance the evolution of LED lighting technology.

In an era that has seen many competitors take short-cuts, SMART have never strayed from commitment to quality. It started with a team of designers and engineers in Netherlands, Germany, the U.S and Taiwan, who integrated innovative electronics with performance-based style. A state-of-the-art manufacturing process utilises only the best sub-components and advanced optical testing equipment. Their know-how and attention to the details guarantee consistent quality and products that are useful, affordable and built to last.